New Norms Governing the Liturgical Ministries

The Revised Liturgical Norms for the Diocese of Bridgeport will be promulgated on the first Sunday of Advent, December 2, 2018. Between now and then, we will embark on a comprehensive catechetical and communication strategy so that when the norms are made public, there is a more complete understanding of what we aim to do, namely, raise awareness of and commitment to a celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that is both faithful and universal.


In the video above, Bishop Caggiano outlines the timeline for catechesis, makes the case for why we are revising the norms, and invites everyone to participate in this process.


Revisions of Liturgical Norms (English)

Article One:  What is The Sacred Liturgy?

Article Two: The Role of the Laity in Liturgy

Article Three: Music in the Sacred Liturgy

Article Four: The Role of the Altar Server

Article Five: The Role of The Reader at Mass

Article Six: The Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion

Revisiones de Las Normas Litúrgicas (Español)

Artículo Uno:  Que es La Liturgia Sagrada?

Artículo Dos: El Papel De Los Laicos En La Liturgia

Artículo Tres:  Musica en La Liturgia Sagrada

Artículo Cuatro: El Papel de Los Monaguillos en La Liturgia

Artículo Cinco:  El Papel del Lector en La Misa

Artículo Seis:  El Ministro Extraordinario de La Comunion